Guidelines for STEM Grants

In response to the much publicised skills gap in the British engineering industry, the Ironmongers’ Foundation wishes to support initiatives that encourage talented young people to study science subjects at school and go on to pursue engineering-related further education or vocational training. The Foundation works in partnership with other organisations to deliver specific projects, which must meet the following criteria:

  1. Grants are made to registered or exempt charities only. Projects involving corporate partners must have charitable purposes and be for public benefit, not private gain.
  2. Activities must be within the UK, with a preference for urban areas outside London and particularly areas in the north and midlands with a manufacturing presence.
  3. Preference will be given to projects engaging young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Participants must be under the age of 25.
  4. Activities must be additional to those funded by government or other sources e.g. covered by school budgets. The Foundation prefers to support smaller projects where its contribution can make a real difference.
  5. Projects should have clear objectives and measurable outcomes.

Application Procedure

There is no application form.  A detailed description of the project should be provided, including:

  1. how the need for the work has been identified and why the project is the best way to address this,
  2. the anticipated outcomes and the methods by which the success of the project will be evaluated,
  3. a full breakdown of the costs involved, explaining how the figures have been calculated.

Applications should be sent to the Charities Manager at the address below or by email to The Foundation Committee meets three times per year in January, May and September. The deadlines for receipt of applications are 1 December, 1 April and 1 August respectively.

The Ironmongers’ Foundation
Reg. Charity No. 219153-10

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